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Biocell Collagen Platinum Forte Plus Vitamin C Injection

Biocell Collagen Platinum Forte Plus Vitamin C Injection

Biocell Collagen Platinum Forte Plus Vitamin C Injection is a powerful anti-aging solution that boosts collagen production and promotes healthy skin. It contains a high dose of Biocell Collagen, Vitamin C and other essential nutrients to enhance skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

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Biocell Collagen Platinum Forte Plus Vitamin C Injection 

Biocell Collagen Platinum Forte Plus Vitamin C Injection is a highly potent, specially formulated cosmetic treatment designed to improve the health and appearance of skin. This product combines two key ingredients, Biocell Collagen and Vitamin C, to provide comprehensive benefits for skin.Biocell Collagen is a type of hydrolyzed collagen that is easily absorbed by the body. This ingredient is known for its ability to boost skin hydration and improve skin elasticity, resulting in a more youthful and radiant appearance. Biocell Collagen Platinum Forte Plus Vitamin C Injection contains a high concentration of this ingredient, making it a powerful tool in the fight against aging.

This injection is ideal for individuals who are looking to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. It can also be used to address skin that is dull, dehydrated, or lacking in elasticity. The product is suitable for all skin types and can be used on any area of the face or body.

The product is administered by a trained medical professional and is typically performed as an in-office treatment. The procedure is simple, quick, and minimally invasive, making it an ideal option for individuals who are looking for a non-surgical solution to aging skin.

Biocell Collagen Platinum Forte Ingredients:

Ascorbic Acid 20000mg

Solution Collagen d'extrait 15000mg

Amino X Essential Amino Acid 2000mg 

Biocell Collagen Platinum Forte Benefits:

Serves as a detoxifier and antioxidant.

Sids in achieving a flawless, bright, and glowing complexion all over the body.  

Helps skin stem cells act as an anti-aging agent.

Aids in the activation of stem cells for skin regeneration.

Enhances whitening, firming, and skin lightening.

Boosts metabolism

Inhibits solar pigmentation, wrinkles, and premature aging by acting as a protective barrier to withstand UV exposure and collagen breakdown. 


Country of Origin: Switzerland   

How to use:

For 1-2 months, one ampoule per injection should be given once a week.

This medication can be given intravenously (IV) or intramuscularly (IM).

According to the advice of the specialists, this injection should be avoided by people who have allergies to any vitamins, people who have cardiovascular issues, women who are nursing, and pregnant women.

Not Appropriate For:

Women who are nursing. Expectant mother Menstruating women Vitamin allergy (any kind). Patients who have heart difficulties.


Pregnant women and nursing mothers should talk to their doctor before taking any supplements.

The dosage is fixed and ranges from 1-2 injections per week, depending on the state of the skin.

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Biocell Collagen Platinum Forte Plus Vitamin C Injection
₹ 7,999.00 ₹ 9,000.00 (11% off)
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