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Cindella 1200mg Square Seal Glutathione Injections

Cindella 1200mg Square Seal Glutathione Injections

Cindella 1200mg Square Seal Glutathione Injections are high-strength, potent injections designed to provide maximum skin whitening and anti-aging benefits.

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Cindella 1200mg Square Seal Glutathione Injections

Cindella Thioctic Acid:

Cindella, which helps with pigmentation and prevents acne and pimples, is a component of cinnamon thioctic acid. Our skin contains different amounts of oil. Your skin may develop acne and pimples if it is too high, and it may become dry and lifeless if it is too low. Cindella helps to keep the balance of pigmentation in your skin while also shielding it from severe damage.

Cindella thioctic Acid contains glutathione and vitamin C, two substances that are potent antioxidants and deeply nourish your skin. It encourages the growth of skin with a lighter tone and a smoother texture. Your skin is shielded by these injections from any potentially dangerous substances that it may come into contact with, either internally or externally. Your skin is cleansed and brightened by it.

Luthione Glutathione Reduced 1200mg:

Injections of glutathione glutathione (1200 mg) purify the body of liver toxins as well as chemical contaminants that result in skin patches and blemishes. All of the significant issues with your skin can be resolved by an anti-inflammatory effect of this sort. You can only get the best skin whitening brilliance on your skin by repeatedly getting luthione glutathione injections.

Luthione Several aspects of the effectiveness of the treatment are due to glutathione. By digesting the proteins and chemicals required for your body's processes, it aids in tissue repair and growth, per the study and data. It addresses the operation of the immune system as a whole. Antioxidant Glutathione, which is present in the injection, aids in the removal of toxins from the body by cleansing the skin.

Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid:

In addition to skin whitening, vitamin C injections are used to improve overall health, immunological function, and convenience. They no longer have to remember to take a supplement pill each day thanks to the injection. Your skin becomes velvety smooth and has an enduring glow thanks to vitamin C. They keep your skin hydrated by removing extra oil, clearing away dirt, and cleansing your skin. based on the dermatologist's observation. Additionally, vitamin C can lower your risk of contracting the common cold, macular degeneration, cancer, heart disease, and other eye and respiratory illnesses.

The best skin whitening supplement is a vitamin C pill, which is a glutathione supplement. It is created utilising the purest skin-whitening treatments derived from organic materials. 

Cindella 1200mg 10 Sessions Glutathione Injection Ingredients:

Cindella Thioctic Acid: A fatty acid that the body needs in trace amounts to make energy is present in this dosage. It contains 400 times more antioxidant activity than vitamins C and E, which may help prevent the appearance of skin ageing while also serving purposes other than aesthetics. It also helps to lower blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation in the body, and enhance neurological health.

Luthione Glutathione Reduced 1200 mg: With this IV infusion of glutathione, the potent antioxidant is delivered right into your bloodstream. The body chemistry, age, and health of a patient all have an impact on how quickly nutrients are absorbed into their systems. Glutathione is an antioxidant that enters the bloodstream and circulates throughout the body, including the brain, heart, lungs, and muscle tissue. While there, it may benefit your cells by cleaning and protecting the skin texture and by improving overall skin quality.

Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid: By blocking the tyrosinase enzyme, it prevents the production of melanin. In dermatology, it is frequently used as a therapeutic technique to lighten hyperpigmented skin regions. It's been used to treat gingival melanin hyperpigmentation as well.

Cindella 1200mg 10 Sessions Glutathione Injection Benefits:

Reduces obesity, fatty liver, cold, and epidermal growth factor

Controls appetite

Exercises antioxidant properties

Promotes the synthesis of glutathione

Fights persistent weariness and boosts energy

Detoxifies your body to enhance digestion and blood flow

In addition to being whiter, skin enhances suppleness and provides a perfect, even tone.

Country of Origin- South Korea

Recommendations for Dosage:

Take 3 Fast Grow Weight Gain Capsules each day after breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the first month.

You can lower the dosage for the second month by observing the results with 2 capsules after lunch and dinner.

You can cut back to 1 capsule after lunch for the third month.

Not Appropriate For:

- Breastfeeding. - Vitamin allergies (any kind). - Expectant mother - Cardiovascular disease patient

Guidelines for the Injection:

The intravenous or intramuscular injection is administered once every week for the first two months, after which it is lowered to once every two weeks.


For those sensitive to demagogy, this product might not be appropriate. Before usage, speak with your doctor.

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Cindella 1200mg Square Seal Glutathione Injections
₹ 19,999.00 ₹ 21,999.00 (9% off)
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