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Fair skin Cream

Fair skin Cream

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Why do we use it?

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Vita Glow Skin Whitening Night Cream is a skin whitening product specifically designed for use at night. It contains authentic natural ingredients that help to brighten and even out the skin tone while nourishing and hydrating the skin. The cream is formulated to work while the skin is in repair mode during sleep, leaving the skin looking refreshed and radiant in the morning. It may also help reduce the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and other skin discoloration.

Kojic acid, natural wax, and natural oils are also present. The Vita Glow Skin Whitening Cream has no side effects and is completely safe for all skin types because it is made of all-natural components to provide your skin extra nourishment so it. Glutathione, one of the active ingredients in this skin-whitening cream, helps to remove the layer of dust and dead skin cells from your face, giving you a young, fair, and healthy appearance.

 You will see noticeable improvements in your skin after using it consistently for seven days. You'll get whiter, smoother skin that is faultless. Glutathione's special active components operate deep into your skin to speed up the whitening process in addition to protecting the skin.

Vita Glow Night Cream Ingredients:

Wheat Germ Oil: Because of the vitamins including folic acid and vitamin B6, wheat germ oil is good for skin whitening.

Jojoba Oil: Aiding internal skin regeneration Compared to other facial oils, it is lighter and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Turmeric: lightens your skin tone by reducing the formation of extra melanin.

Sandalwood Oil: Using sandalwood oil to lighten your skin. It can lighten the skin tone, get rid of tanning, and black spots.

Kumkum: renowned for whitening skin and enhancing complexion.

Bee wax: Beewax aids in retaining moisture for moisturised, smooth skin.

Vitamin C: By reducing the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme, it prevents the creation of melanin.

Mulberry Extract: Aids to promote an even skin tone by removing dark spots.

Avocado: Assist in limiting the harm done by free radicals, which lightens the skin from within.

Vita Glow Night Cream Benefits:

Vita Glow Skin Whitening Night Cream repairs damaged skin rapidly and develops healthy, glowing skin. It keeps the skin hydrated over night so that it feels fresh the following day.

Acne and pimples are effectively treated by Vita Glow Cream. It lessens all kinds of unsightly rashes and skin blemishes. On consistent use, acne scars and other markings start to fade swiftly. Clear, lovely, and healthy skin develops..

It cleanses, purifies, and inhibits the development of melanin, which has the effect of hastening the skin's whitening process.

Regular usage of Vita Glow Cream greatly raises collagen levels. When using vita glow whitening lotion on a regular basis, wrinkles and fine lines gradually vanish.

After a few weeks, gives you a complexion that is radiant, fair, and pink.

Skin becomes uniformly white and appears incredibly healthy. Vita Glow Cream enhances skin hydration while giving the skin essential moisture.

The whitening cream's active components, which are vitamin C-rich, prevent hyperpigmentation from developing. As a result, skin gradually becomes lighter and more even in tone.

How to Apply :

Before going to bed, gently massage the vita glow cream into your skin until it is well absorbed. After putting vita glow lotion to your face, stop using all other products. Give it a night. The following morning, wash your face with some fresh water.

Vita Glow Night Cream Side Effects:

The night cream made of 100% authentic natural ingredients and dermatologist proved it. The use of this cream has no known side effects. The quick results produce fair skin that is healthy and well-hydrated.


People with skin issues cannot use this product. The outcome may be different for every person. Be sure to check with your doctor before using the product.

Country Of Origin: The product is from Tibet.

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Fair skin Cream
₹ 4,500.00 ₹ 5,000.00 (10% off)
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