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Glutax 2000GS Advanced ReCombined White Injection

Glutax 2000GS Advanced ReCombined White Injection

Glutax 2000GS Advanced ReCombined White Injection is a powerful whitening injection that combines the latest technology and natural ingredients to brighten and even out skin tone. It boosts collagen production and reduces dark spots for a youthful and radiant complexion.

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Glutax 2000GS Advanced ReCombined White Injection 

The best high dose Glutathione skin whitening product now on the market is Glutax 2000gs Advanced ReCombined White RNA Active Cells Injection. Searching for the most efficient L-Glutathione technique is Glutax 2000GS, Advanced ReCombined White RNA Active Cells Injection. The top choice of skin clinics throughout the world, Glutax assists you in maintaining high levels of l-glutathione in your body even if you are not undergoing any skin-whitening treatments.

Glutax 2000GS Advanced ReCombined White Injection Ingredients:

Cyanocobalamin: 2000mg 5 Vials

Ultrafiltration Glutathione: 2000g

Acido Alfa Lipoic: 700mg

Epidermal Growth Factor: 2000mg

Acido Cogic: 500mg

Pro Coenzyme Q10: 600mg

Cinnamomum Subavenium: 325mg

10 Ampules each containing 5 ml.

Multi-Vitamin: 3500mg

Collagen Natural: 800mg

Selene: 600mg

10 Ampules each of 2 ml

Recombined Stem Cell: 600mg Grape Stem Cell - Apple Stem Cell - Argan Fruit Stem Cell - Rose Placenta Extract 10 Vials

Pure DNA & RNA Extract: 2000mcg

Glutax 2000GS Advanced ReCombined White Injection Benefits:

Skin is nourished and firmed.

Skin whitening and scar lightening

Produces collagen and increase the skin's suppleness.

Hydrates and moisturizes the skin. Additionally aids in skin firmness, radiance, and softness.

reduces pigmentation brought on by solar exposure.

Refine the wrinkles and fine lines.

Prevents acne blemishes from developing into pimples.

Reduces pores and enhances skin tone.

Eliminates surplus free radicals that lead to impaired brain and organ function.

Prevents aging from developing.

Serves as a detoxifier and antioxidant.

Aids in achieving a flawless, bright, and glowing complexion all over the body.

The skin is nourished and made firm by the glutathione injection.

Scars and dark spots on the skin can be removed with the aid of a fairness injection.

The quick whitening injection increases collagen formation, which maintains the skin's suppleness.

It reduces the size of skin pores and guards against acne.

The skin lightening injection reduces fine wrinkles and masks aging indications, acting as an anti-aging product.

Country Of Origin: Italy

How to use:

Either intravenously or intramuscularly is how the injection is administered.

Before using this product on their bodies, users with any form of medical history should contact with dermatologists.

In any other case, users must administer these injections twice weekly for a maximum of two months. Most of the time, customers achieve their ideal complexion in this amount of time.

After that time, the dosage should be decreased to one or two injections each month, depending on the doctor's instructions.

Usage: Mainly for business, medical research, personal, and institutional use.

Not Appropriate For:

Women who are nursing. Expecting mother. Menstruating women Vitamin allergy (any kind). Patients who have heart difficulties.


Pregnant women and nursing mothers should talk to their doctor before taking any supplements.

Due to its enhanced defensive qualities, glutathione is inappropriate for chemotherapy patients.

The dosage is set and fluctuates from 1-2 injections each week depending on the state of the skin.

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Glutax 2000GS Advanced ReCombined White Injection
₹ 10,499.00 ₹ 11,999.00 (13% off)
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