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Laroscorbine Platinum E-UF PN Vitamin C and Collagen Injections

Laroscorbine Platinum E-UF PN Vitamin C and Collagen Injections

Laroscorbine Platinum E-UF PN injections! Our unique formula is designed to target wrinkles and fine lines, resulting in a youthful appearance. Plus, our injections are painless and safe for all skin types.

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Laroscorbine Platinum E-UF PN Vitamin C And Collagen Injections

The collagen injection with vitamin C and laroscorbine platinum E-UF promotes skin whitening from within. It acts as an antioxidant and anti-aging agent to strengthen the body's defences, replenish lost collagen, and improve skin flexibility. either intramuscular or intravenous administration is possible.

Consider employing a Laroscorbine Platinum E UF PN Vitamin C Collagen 10 Procedure Injection if you need your skin to be lighter. The injection will undoubtedly contain a concentrated amount of Vitamin C, which is known to aid in skin whitening. To achieve the best effects, it is advised that this product be used in tandem to a variety of other therapy options. Since Vitamin C might harm collagen in the skin, it is advised to take the remedies frequently each day until the desired results are obtained. There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that the product has no effect on collagen. This product will increase the elasticity and toughness of ageing skin, making it an effective treatment. No product side effects were observed. 

Laroscorbine Platinum E-UF PN Injection Ingredients:

EUF PN Polynucleitides - 3800mg PDRN - 800mg Coenzyme Q10 - 20mg EUF PN Vitamin C - 200Gram EUF PN Collagen - 180 Gram

Laroscorbine Platinum E-UF PN Injection Benefits:

Boost the immune system and promote antihistamine properties.

Aids skin stem cells in their anti-aging efforts.

Stimulates stem cells to help the skin regenerate.

Enhances skin firming, whitening, and lightening.

Enhancing metabolism

Serves as a shield against UV rays and collagen breakdown, keeping the skin supple and reducing sun pigmentation, wrinkles, and early ageing.

Serves as a detoxifier and antioxidant.

Aids in achieving a flawless, bright, and glowing complexion all over the body.

The skin is nourished and made firm by the glutathione injection.

Scars and dark spots on the skin can be removed with the aid of a fairness injection.

The quick whitening injection increases collagen formation, which maintains the skin's suppleness.

It reduces skin pores and shields against acne.

Makes skin more flexible.

Reduces pigmentation brought on by direct sunshine exposure.

Supports tendons, skin, bodily organs, cells, and more

Reduces wrinkles and also fine lines around the face.

Prevents the emergence of pimples, blemishes, and acne.

Improves skin tone while also reducing skin pores.

Prevents scurvy, a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C.

Reduces pores and enhances skin tone.

Eliminates surplus free radicals that lead to impaired brain and organ function.

Prevents ageing from developing.

Anti-wrinkle effects

Origin Country: Made in Switzerland.

How to use:

Use one injection every two weeks for maintenance after the desired effect is attained, and use 1-2 injections per week for the first three months. Consult your doctor for optimal results.

Not Appropriate For:

Women who are nursing. Expecting mother. Sensitivity to vitamins (any kind).

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Laroscorbine Platinum E-UF PN Vitamin C and Collagen Injections
₹ 5,500.00 ₹ 8,999.00 (39% off)
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