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Tongkat Ali Herbal Root Extract Capsules

Tongkat Ali Herbal Root Extract Capsules

Try Tongkat Ali! This herbal root extract has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia to help improve overall health and well-being. Our Tongkat Ali capsules are made from 100% pure Tongkat Ali root extract, and they're easy to take and perfect for those on the go. Give Tongkat Ali a try today and feel the difference!

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Tongkat Ali Herbal Root Extract Capsules 

Tongkat Ali, also known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, is a traditional herbal medicine that has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia. It is derived from a tall, slender tree native to the rainforests of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The root of the tree is the part that is used for medicinal purposes, and it is commonly found in the form of a herbal extract.

Tongkat Ali root extract capsules are a dietary supplement that is believed to have a number of health benefits. Some of the most commonly claimed benefits include increased energy levels, enhanced athletic performance, improved sexual function, and reduced stress and anxiety. The extract is also believed to have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties

Country Of Origin: Thailand

Tongkat Ali Herbal Root Extract Capsules Benefits:

Remedy for anxiety: This plant is a successful treatment for anxiety, according to a study that was published in the Japanese Journal of Pharmacology. In fact, this study demonstrated that TA had anxiolytic effects that are comparable to those of diazepam.

Stress Reliever: A study that was published in the ISSN Journal found that taking 200 mg of TA root extract daily reduced cortisol levels, which improved the stress hormone profile.

Treating Malaria: Researchers that worked on the Natural Products Journal article on the effects of TA on cancer cells also discovered that beta-carboline extracts work well to cure malaria.

Characteristics of antibiotics: According to the findings of a Malaysian study that was published in the Saudi Medical Journal, acetone and alcoholic extracts from Malaysian ginseng leaves and stem had strong antibacterial agents. Salmonella typhi, Staphylococcus, Serratia marscesens, and Escherichia coli bacteria strains could not survive in the presence of the extracts utilised in this investigation.

Treating Cancer: The root preparations of this herb are said to contain beta-carboline alkaloids, which exhibit notable cytotoxicity against breast and lung cancer cells, according to a study published in the Natural Products Journal. The authors of this study were able to find 19 extremely cytotoxic existing beta-carboline alkaloids as well as 3 novel ones.

Boosting Libido: Due of its capacity to increase wellness desire, tongkat ali is frequently called to as a "home-grown Viagra" in Malaysia. In a study published in the Journal of Tropical Forest Science, it was discovered that this plant includes "eurypeptides," a type of peptides that enhance wellness drive. As such, it works differently than say anabolic steroids that boost testosterone levels by enhancing “testosterone synthesis.” To achieve this goal, eurypeptides replace standard levels of testosterone by increasing the rate of release of “free” testosterone from the se-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG).

How to Use:

Take 1 capsule, twice daily, 30 minutes after meals.

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Tongkat Ali Herbal Root Extract Capsules
₹ 1,599.00 ₹ 2,000.00 (20% off)
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