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Zaguta Skin Whitening Amino Acid Complex Glutathione Injections

Zaguta Skin Whitening Amino Acid Complex Glutathione Injections

Zaguta's glutathione injections! Our injections are designed to help you achieve fairer, more youthful-looking skin. Visit our website to learn more about our products and how they can help you achieve your desired skin tone.

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Zaguta Skin Whitening Amino Acid Complex Glutathione Injections 


Zaguta Glutathione injection is an advanced IV injection rich in antioxidants for skin whitening. It is intended to make the skin glow. Glutathione, a vitamin complex, and amino acids are among the ingredients.

Glutathione is used to slow the ageing process and extend the life of the skin. Vitamin complex contains vitamins A, E, C, D, B, and K, K1, K2, which are used for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. It also aids in the treatment of discoloration and dark patches. Alanine, arginine, cysteine, asparagine, cysteine, glutamine, histidine, isoleucine, lysine, Proline, Serine, Threonine, and valine are amino acids that aid in skin hydration, increase water retention, and reduce inflammation.

The injection is used for anti-aging, glowing skin, wrinkle reduction and inflammation reduction, and vitamin and mineral enrichment of the skin with no side effects.

The Box contains:

GLUTATHIONE 600000MG - 25ml for 6 vials

VITAMIN COMPLEX - 2ML for 6 ampules - Vitamin A: 20mcg - Vitamin E: 0.65mg - Vitamin C: 1250mg - Vitamin D: 600i IU - Vitamin B Complex: 200mg - Vitamin K1 K2: 500mg

 AMINO ACIDS - 10ML for 6 ampules - Alaine: 750mcg - Argine: 500mg - Asparagibe: 200IU - Cysteine: 900mg - Glutamine: 800mg - Glutamic Acids: 500mg - Glycine: 250mg - Histidine: 100mg - Isoleucine - 50mg - Lysine: 2.5mcg - Proline: 2.5mcg - Serine: 750mg - Threonine: 500mg - Vaine: 500mg


Benefits of Zaguta Skin Whitening Amino Acid Complex Glutathione Injection:

Aids in the aging of the skin

It helps to reduce skin inflammation and wrinkles.

Skin whitening

Skin hydration and increased water retention.

Aids in the treatment of skin discoloration.

Scar tissue regeneration

Collagen Stimulation


Boost the body's immune system

Restore skin cells that have been damaged. Melasma treatment

Boost the body's immune system

removing rough skin

Skin tightening and lifting

Acne and pimples should be reduced.

Reduce the number of pores

Country of origin: the product is from Japan

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Zaguta Skin Whitening Amino Acid Complex Glutathione Injections
₹ 12,500.00 ₹ 17,999.00 (31% off)
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